Recruting Artists And Producer For Collective

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  1. 3687586
    rexv1 : Mon 9th Nov 2020 : 2 months ago

    Yo I run a collective called Kick Cartel. We are a group of producers and artists that help each other out and get placements as a collective. We have lots of talented producers and artists under our belt. We are currently looking to expand a little and will be taking in a few members if you are interested to join drop your links and imma give it a look for more info contact @kckcartel on instagram.
    Hope to meet some amazing talent.

  2. 3676813
    ArthurBeatss : Mon 9th Nov 2020 : 2 months ago

    always interested to work with other people, lemme know if i fit the bill

  3. 2531156
    BeatsJayR : Mon 9th Nov 2020 : 2 months ago

    Sounds like a good oppertunity for us producers to take music seriously, great initiative. I'd love to work with some people in the industry. You can find me at soundcloud, beatstars and youtube. I'll link 'em all below for you. Would love to hear from y'all.

  4. 3391358
    Doublekatana : Mon 9th Nov 2020 : 2 months ago

    Hope I make the cut

  5. 3627042
    AstroGod : Tue 10th Nov 2020 : 2 months ago

    Hi, my name is AstroGod and im a 16yo producer from switzerland. Check out my soundcloud. I hope that i get in :D

  6. 3450202
  7. 4432969
    JaysonChrome : Sat 5th Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    What's up, I'm a young producer from Chicago and I'm also trying to meet other producers and artists to work and grow with. I'd definitely be down! Check out my work:


    Instagram: @jaysonchromebeats

  8. 2864463
    PlagueMD : Tue 8th Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    I'm actually gonna do something different and offer my graphic design. If you need someone to do cover art for your collective, HMU. I work with photo manipulation and my wife does traditional and classic digital art

  9. 2874601
    edwardmcmann : Wed 9th Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    m game to work, here's my Spotify -

    I OFFICIALLY charted at no. 45 on the download charts in November on the Sounds of Southampton Vol. 1 as well as topping the intense rap and hip hop charts.

    hit my dm on insta @edwardmcmann_ if you wanna work

    stay bless bro

  10. 698810
    vodeodoe : Thu 24th Dec 2020 : 3 weeks ago

    this is my latest work i'm not so sure of the actual style it just turned out like this. But I would love some outside influence

  11. 4510156
    MasalaMan06 : Thu 24th Dec 2020 : 3 weeks ago

    Hey there, I am a producer and would be interested. Here is my youtube and email me

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