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  1. 1005691
    spearcarrier : Fri 30th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    I looked at loopr, because of some conversations here, and it looks like you upload your song and they master automatically? I had tried something like that in the past and what was spit out didn't sound too different (to me) from what I'd uploaded. I'd prefer a human touch to it.

    So bottom line. For the moment I have a song, O Death, that has a clock ticking, a very hill-billy voice singing, and occasional sound effects. Some songs just don't work well with guitars, what can I say. I want it to sound more studio quality without losing it's "fullness", but I genuinely can't tell what would make it sound studio quality.

    I use Audacity.

    Is there anyone out there willing to tackle that genre of song and can open an Audacity file? And are they affordable? (LOL)

    My insta is @spearkharier... but I ignore messages on it usually so you'll need to let me know you're typing at me. I'm better with email. Yes. I'm getting old.

    Ramblings from here forth:

    I am here with no formal musical training (Mom said "no!" lol) but with a growing number of songs. I need input on how to make them sound better, bearing in mind I don't sound great to begin with. I have this song. I think I have the instruments and vocals where I want them.

    I'm guessing putting them together is the mixing. (Forgive, running on 3 hours sleep here and this means looking it up brought me pages that spoke gibberish. So I'm having to ask for layman's speak.)

    And mastering is the part where it sounds studio quality.

    I'm trying to learn as time allows, but in the end it looks like I need Gandalf to lead the way.

    And yes. I really do think in metaphor.

  2. 1245534
    VirginiaSlimm : Fri 30th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    Check out Sound on Sound forums for TONS of technical production info. Preparing your mix is very important to get a good master.
    If you post up some samples and message me I can gladly give you my opinion and maybe some suggestions if you like.
    youtube also has lots of good vids on mixing and mastering if SOS is too technical to start with.

  3. 1005691
    spearcarrier : Fri 30th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    Sweet! Thank you!

    As long as I've been here I've never posted anything, so I'll have to try to figure out how. I've been meaning to start contributing anyway!

  4. 1245534
    VirginiaSlimm : Fri 30th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago
    Some effects and virtual instrument resources.
    Posting tracks is pretty straightforward.
    I would say just be polite and supportive and try to ignore any weirdos and egomaniacs. Ask for technical advice in the tracks description maybe too.
    Welcome to LM!

  5. 1005691
    spearcarrier : Fri 30th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    So many things to learn, so little time. I've got all of the pages open, ready to peruse when I have more than half a brain. I also have a book "Home Recording for Musicians" for Dummies I should also crack open, being a I also read audiobooks for a living.

    In the meantime I just uploaded my first track.

    I have no idea if I'm sharing this right, but this is the current song I want mastered.

    I'm coming to realize with another song I have, I'm going to have to collab with someone. But that is then and this isnow.

  6. 1245534
    VirginiaSlimm : Fri 30th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    I forgot to say. If you want to get it featured, you have to select that option on the track page and then comment on other featured tracks to get it bumped up to top 40 so others can see it automatically. ;)
    I listened to it from the link though.
    I think that song has been attributed to lloyd Campbell (sp) now from sermons.
    I spent a lot of time in blue ridge mountains. Love that song really. So powerful
    I like how the hand drum gives it a native american feel. It sounds correct with that influence particularly with the Trail of tears passing though the area.
    -as for mastering. when you have sparse arrangements like that it becomes more important to have clean engineering to have a hifi result. The drum would need a large diaphragm mic to catch the bass and you would need to have some ducking going on in the mix with the vocal track to let both shine through. But it would need to be very subtle not to sound artificial. You could double some vocals and add drone harmonies at intervals maybe to fill in the mix, but it's all just a matter of taste at that point.
    In short you can compress a little to get more volume, but I'm not sure that song and style in particular needs it. I like the whispers.
    There is a little bit of pitchyness in some phrasing. you can listen to a pitch perfect reference track with backing synths while tracking the vocals to make your singing stick tighter to the key, then remove the bracing track when you make the final mix. This might help you if you make this style of music as a habit. ;)
    I like it. It's a refreshing change of pace. It fits the covid moment very well.
    You have a very nice voice.
    Thanks for sharing and reaching out!

  7. 1005691
    spearcarrier : Fri 30th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    Yeaaah... I keep trying to stamp out the powwow influence in my stuff and it just won't go. =^-^= So thank you for appreciating it. I'm aiming for a more... aaah... "gothic" (for lack of better term) sound, so I guess when it's all said and done I might have something unique eventually. Or someone has already beaten me to it.

    When first asked to do this song, I'd looked into it's history (making sure it was okay to do) and learned that it's attributed to Lloyd Chandler but it is a traditional song. My version is where I found as many of the lyrics as I could and put them together in some sort of logical order. (Which is what I do... did the same with Rising Sun Blues.)

    Some of the pitchiness is born from what's known as "crying", a powwow singing thing. The rest is just that: pitchiness. =^-^= So you got me. Hhehe.

    The rest I sort of follow and then you lost me, but I'm okay with that. I'll come back here and there to learn and tweak for future reference. It may be Greek now, but as I learn it'll make more sense.

  8. 2892720
    Vizehh : Sat 31st Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    i mix and master hmu on my gmail mgmtvizehtm at

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