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Robert OConnor - Destination Anywhere Remix Contest

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    iamrobertoconnor : Tue 27th Oct 2020 : 9 months ago

    Robert O'Connor is running a remix contest offering up-and-coming producers the opportunity to get their work heard and, if successful, released commercially!

    Entrants will remix Robert's new single "Destination Anywhere", originally produced with Skynem GT, who was the winner of Robert's first-ever "Real Good Fight" remix competition last summer.

    The pair have together gone on to enjoy critical acclaim for their subsequent singles "Older '20" and "Over (Before It's Begun)", which appear on the forthcoming EP 'Transcendence', released November 20.

    Download the stems right here on Soundcloud and submit your entry by email by November 10. (DM me for email)

    Robert has released eight singles in the past two years, gaining attention for his cut-straight-to-the-heart lyrics, delivered in a distinctive tone that has drawn comparisons to “mid-90s George Michael”, and his catchy hooks that the Dublin-born artist says he owes to “a childhood spent listening to pure pop crafted by the best”.

  2. 2616627
    iamrobertoconnor : Tue 27th Oct 2020 : 9 months ago

    Here is the link for the stems:

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