Buying Custom-Crafted Loop Pack Based On My Instructions

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    prodsleeperagent : Mon 26th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    I am a producer and I as the title says I am wishing to pay someone to make specific types of loops for me to use.
    Normally I would just produce them myself but I have trouble with making melodies of this niche genre.
    I would describe it as dark, but not like "sad" dark. More like horror-movie sombre dark.
    Anyways, here are the instructions:
    Any tempo that you find fit
    A length that's typical for loops (4/8 bars)
    Most importantly, I want loops that sound very similar to the ones in this album: Freeze Corleone 667 - Projet Blue Beam (Album Complet) look it up on youtube
    The album is in French but that is irrelevant to the production. I want sombre bell loops similar to the ones used in the following songs (timestamps for the songs are in the
    description of the video): Jeremy Lin, 3 Planetes, Lester, LRH, S/O Congo Part 2. There are piano melodies on the album but what concerns me more are the catchy bell loops that
    appear in those songs.
    I would prefer that you made loops from scratch based on these songs and not to recycle old loops that you have.
    No intersample clicking (obviously) and good quality loops
    Of course as stated before I will pay money depending on how many loops you make for me and the quality of them. (my budget is around 50 dollars (negotiable)
    Most important thing to remember out of all of this is that I want loops that sound like they belong on the album Projet Blue Beam/sound like the ones in the songs on the
    album Projet Blue Beam (mesmerizing, sombre, dark, catchy bell loops)
    (sorry if I'm sounding bossy/authoritarian I really just want these loops done well and I'm also trying to be professional)
    If you are interested just DM me on insta @prodsleeperagent or shoot me an email at sleeperagenttotesakimbo at gmail dot com

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