Looking For Singers Or Rappers - Beats With Hooks Opportunity

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  1. 3048620
    gottybeats : Mon 26th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    I'm looking for singers/rappers who can write and record catchy hooks. I would sell the beat with a hook on Beatstars and we split the profits 50/50.

    I would send you a beat pack and you choose couple beats that you can write and record hooks over. Once you're done with recording just send it back to me for mixing and mastering. After that I'll upload to Beatstars and add you as a 50/50 collaborator so we split profits.

    All you need is a Beatstars account (free one works as long as you have a payment method connected, so I can add you as a collaborator), a decent mic, and a good ear for catchy hooks.

    Contact me @gotty_beats on Instagram or here.

  2. 1762661
    murdamarso : Wed 28th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    Whats up, I am down to do some hooks for you, I hit you on ig @tharealmarso

  3. 672799
    Vexbeatz : Wed 28th Oct 2020 : 1 month ago

    Yo, whats good. I'm down for that. I'm on ig @lazy_left

  4. 3601408
    shelbymscott : Thu 5th Nov 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    RnB/ Hip-Hop/Soul Singer, Songwriter here. Sounds good to me. ig @shelbymscott

  5. 3294651
    jcxc00 : Thu 5th Nov 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    ## spam removed ##

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