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Streaming Beat Making On Twitch

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    Willbraham : Wed 21st Oct 2020 : 1 year ago

    I've been using LOOPERMAN for over a decade to source loops and samples to then create music tracks - So thank you to all the creators and members of LOOPERMAN for your continued inspiration, help and talents in making my dream of producing music tracks come true.

    Currently Twitch is 86'ing all content not licensed by streamers, and I stream both gaming content and music creation, and I had a question about the ability to do the latter using samples and loops sourced from LOOPERMAN.

    Through LOOPERMAN are these loops and samples considered fair-use and unlicensed for the creation of music content?

    I've made tracks with similar breaks and "sounds" from tracks that I've eventually heard on radios.

    Such as the famous 'Amen Brother' breakbeat by The Winstons, which has found itself in countless of songs.

    Would using a cover-sample of that same breakbeat put me jeopardy of DMCA?

    For instance, say someone on LOOPERMAN covers that instrumental break, uploads it to LOOPERMAN, I download it, and then incorporate it into my track - would that be a violation, or would the fact that someone on LOOPERMAN covered it circumvent any type of licensing of that agreement?

  2. 2463217
    JohnsonQ : Thu 22nd Oct 2020 : 1 year ago

    I don't think twitch would straight ban you for playing a loop that someone recreated from a song.. At most they would probably warn you and remove the VOD.

  3. 2298815
    akabedhead : Thu 29th Oct 2020 : 11 months ago

    your good if its something like similar sounding drums or a drum cover in a song you specifically recorded. Sampling a recording from another song is always a strike.

    as for melodic covers, if you "perform" the song, you're good. If you have a cover or a recording of a song in the background, you get striked.

    for "similar sounding", extremely rarely the algorithm might pick it up by accident and you can get a strike, but unless its an accidental carbon copy, you should be good

    theoretically, when you upload a loop on looperman you agree that you didnt sample it from a song. And that loop SHOULD be copyright free

    if a loop says its a cover of "x", dont use it

    i have had trouble in the past when releasing music when someone else used the same sample in a song they released, but the issue got fixed quickly

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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