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  1. 2851108
    LilShrimpyT : Mon 28th Sep 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    I'm a semi-new beat producer and I'm looking for a rapper with good flow and lyrics to collab with. I have beats of many different types and styles and I can fit around to whatever you're thinking for a vibe or feeling. I'm not looking for money or anything, but I would want someone I could stick with for a while. Here's an example beat of mine (https://soundcloud.com/user-56301840/lil-skies-type-beat) for reference. Hit me up on Discord at LilShrimp#4604, as I'm most active on there.

  2. 2818723
    DjKaelan : Tue 29th Sep 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    Idk if this the style or quality you wanted. I'm sure you got some chill beats like this. My ig is @dayjamzz. My discord is Dj Kaelan#4122


  3. 2851108
    LilShrimpyT : Tue 29th Sep 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    Yeah this looks pretty good. I could put some effects on your voice to make is more floaty or dreamy. Maybe some autotune for some of the more melodic based vocals (no offense). You're pretty good I'll keep in touch.

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