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    eluterius : Sun 20th Sep 2020 : 1 month ago

    A friend and I (not on LPRMN) already started a project like this but maybe it would be fun to take it to a higher level.
    We are creating short tunes or "auditories" which can be played in a sequence, seamlessly. We cut off a snippet of the outro of the last addition and use that as intro of the new part.

    Maybe some members here are interested in doing something similar? The rules are limited:

    - your work has to be at least 30 seconds and max 2 minutes long
    - Key, tempo, style, language, used instruments or sounds is all up to you. Anything is allowed
    - Sounding chaotic or out of tune: no problem.
    - If you use samples from conversations cut out of movies or commercials: then you're expected to be a bit creative and cut up and shake up the parts, reverse parts, add effects, AND add some muzak, whining or some melody, anything more or less musical as accompaniment or background.

    It would also be nice if you provide some of your used sounds/samples, to have them used in the next part(s).

    It won't be a musical pinnacle but a fun project instead.
    Also, we have to put our work downloadable somewhere.

    Anyone interested?

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