Opportunity - Beats With Hooks - Looking For Singers And Rappers

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  1. 3048620
    gottybeats : Sat 19th Sep 2020 : 1 month ago

    I'm looking for singers/rappers who can write good hooks. I would sell the beat with a hook on Beatstars and we split the profits 50/50.

    All you need is a Beatstars account (free one works as long as you have a payment method connected) so we can split the profits, a decent mic, and good ear for catchy hooks.

    I would send you a beat pack and you choose couple beats that you can write and record hooks over. Once you're done with recording just send it back to me for mixing and mastering. After that I'll upload to Beatstars and add you as a 50/50 collaborator so we split profits.

    Just a disclaimer, I usually sell 1-2 beats a week on Beatstars (with no hooks), I never tried selling beats with hooks but I believe there's a chance they sell well. That being said, if anyone is interested hit me up on Instagram @gotty_beats

  2. 4169472
    actuallyzayytk : Sun 20th Sep 2020 : 1 month ago

    Bro, good timing. I was just thinking of connecting with producers for this. Can you contact me on instagram? @zayy.tk I will tell you my equipment and other stuff.

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