Female Singer Looking To Collab EDEN-BAZZI-BLACKBEAR Styl

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  1. 3149854
    Lonthabeat : Thu 17th Sep 2020 : 4 days ago

    I'm looking for someone who will work with me on an album or just self released type of thing. Recently have been going through a hard time and would like to release some of my pain and energy through the music that I write. This would be a good opportunity to know each other and maybe create something good?? I've recentlty been listening to a lot of EDEN and black bear and I really enjoy what they bring to the table.So if theres any producers who can create that style that would be awesome, I also enjoy: lil peep, xxxtentacion, trippie redd, juice wrld, ppcocaine etc. (pop punk, acoustic stuff, the whole shi bang)

  2. 2702276
    ProdBySeb : Thu 17th Sep 2020 : 4 days ago

    Hey L i'm down to help work on this album. Could you send me some vocals or unfinsied songs to work on.
    IG - prodbyseb

  3. 4208918
    NielsvandenBroek : Thu 17th Sep 2020 : 3 days ago

    Hello, check out my SoundCloud for some open demos I currently have. I'm able to produce a wide range of genres including those of your preference. www.soundcloud.com/nielsbroek
    Shoot me a message if you are interested!

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