Artist Like Polo G Making Pain Rap NEED BEATS

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  1. 3284452
    perkyrozay : Mon 7th Sep 2020 : 2 weeks ago

    Pain Rap at its finest. Polo G, No Cap, 42 Duggg type music. His Style, Flow, lyrics, its all there.. & HE FREESTYLES EVERYTHING LIKE JUICE WRLD..

    IG @perkyrozay

    Newest Song

    EP "Pain Therapy" drops Sept. 9th

    send beats asap polo g, no cap, type beats

  2. 3700506
    beathove : Mon 7th Sep 2020 : 2 weeks ago

    Hi man! I think i have beats you need
    Contact me:
    I have a lot of beats and these are 4 of them

  3. 3700506
    beathove : Mon 7th Sep 2020 : 2 weeks ago

    Also i can mix your tracks. And if you need untagged beats you can buy them for price you say!

  4. 3913144
    BrandonCousineau : Mon 7th Sep 2020 : 2 weeks ago

    Yo id be down to work! Dm me on instagram and we can negotiate prices :)

  5. 2640955
    cabellb : Sat 12th Sep 2020 : 2 weeks ago

    Yo man, i got TONS of beats that gonna fit your style and voice perfectly, I am a 17 year old producer with placements and collabs with a few big artists and multiplatinum producer Yung Lan, email me
    cabellbeats@ and we can talk business
    Heres my soundcloud as well

  6. 2823862
    Kengali : Wed 16th Sep 2020 : 1 week ago

    Hey what's good.

    I produced over 150 beats so far and giving away 5 of my best beats for free now.

    You can get them on my website

    They are for profit use.

    You can also add me on IG:

  7. 3161255
    tharealcloutlord : Wed 16th Sep 2020 : 1 week ago

    lets work
    follow me on ig an hit my dms


  8. 3499659
  9. 2592549
    jacksonjoffey : Tue 22nd Sep 2020 : 4 days ago

    might have a couple for you.. got a buy 1 get 2 free deal going on right now!

  10. 3997022
    prod816801 : Thu 24th Sep 2020 : 3 days ago

    I have beats, haven't been on the Polo G beat train in a while but he's my favorite artists so I can prolly cook up some, but I can also do mixing and mastering if you want hmu on ig @prod816801

  11. 1952299
    legendarynate : Sat 26th Sep 2020 : 13 hours ago

    I've been a producer for 8 years now, I can definitely help you. I have experience with all types of beats, recording, mixing & mastering. If you still need the help, Dm me on instagram @npbeats1

  12. 1762661
    murdamarso : Sat 26th Sep 2020 : 12 hours ago

    What's Good, I can mix your song and specialize in those Polo G, Toosii, Lil Baby, Calboy type of beats. Hit my IG @tharealmarso

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