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  1. 3141309
    kingarthur2nd : Fri 21st Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    I haven't written any verses in a while and I'm a bit out of practice, to be honest. I'm simply looking for a few producers who'd be happy with me practising with their beats to drop their soundcloud links under this post :)
    I most likely won't actually be recording and uploading anything, but if I do end up creating something with one of your beats that I want to post then I'll credit you fully in the song description and link your sc page. That's my disclaimer, I'm not trying to be shady about it.
    Thanks :)

    Just for reference, https://soundcloud.com/arthur-dunn-783493855

  2. 3617983
    DwayLocos : Fri 21st Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    Hey, check my beat tape, it isnt a soundcloud link, but maybe you will find something for you:



  3. 3913144
    BrandonCousineau : Fri 21st Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    Hit me up on Instagram @b.co.beats
    I gotchu, i can sell some to you from $15-$25

  4. 3202801
    JAYLOWBEATS : Fri 21st Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    https://soundcloud.com/jay-low-beats you can easily find something here

  5. 3450202
    8thdiamond : Sat 22nd Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    How About this? lmk


  6. 3756051
    T1Beats : Sat 22nd Aug 2020 : 1 month ago


  7. 2960542
    xxxC : Sun 23rd Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    take a look here bro https://soundcloud.com/losgatosh/tracks and DM us if something speaks to you

  8. 2068239
    Jalnsvrs : Sun 23rd Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    Check out my last two tracks I've posted when you've got time! Hope you like it!

  9. 2737007
    BeatsByJustron : Mon 24th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    Hey bro, tryna make a Different sound out here. not many people do this
    Let me know what you think.



  10. 3020172
    rossadova : Mon 24th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    Check out and feel free to contact me if you like any.


  11. 3098350
    knxLNTC : Tue 25th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    hey man, I make beats of various types, I type beats for Artists. You can order one with me or access this page:

    Text me:

  12. 3161618
    agvsu : Tue 25th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    ello! im starting a new channel and here is my last track, you can dm me on instagram @prhps__

    here it is if you want to listen to it

  13. 3067188
    Eswa : Wed 26th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    Let me know if you like any of my beats https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NpDlLJCHMRc

  14. 3700506
    beathove : Fri 4th Sep 2020 : 3 weeks ago

    Hello, I think you will like my beats (usin' google drive coz' SoundCloud doesn't work on my phone)


    Unlimited leasing 15-20$, 25-35$ exclusive. Contact me:


  15. 2965740
    JonahProductions : Mon 7th Sep 2020 : 2 weeks ago

    Feel free to use whatever beat you want! (All are free to download)


  16. 2823862
    Kengali : Wed 16th Sep 2020 : 1 week ago

    Yo I am giving away 5 Free Beats for profit use.

    You can download them on my website:


    My IG:


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