Looking For Different Type Of Rhymer Experimental Yet Familiar

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  1. 4076305
    ZAPPASATAN : Sat 8th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    I am looking for a different type of rapper/singer/vocalist.

    Rappers that LOVE true Hip Hop, not whats Top 40.
    I am looking for someone that can write songs about personal burdens and beliefs, NOT about Money or Hoes. NOT interested in songs about how Thug you are, cause you're not. I don’t need rhymes about how fly your Bugatti is nor how many blocks you rep. Not interested in your bitches, nor your riches. I want to know what’s in your head on a personal level about things, not whats in your wallet, unless you left it in El Segundo. And if you understood that reference, then we’re already in a good place and I have your interest.

    Being a fan and committed user to the green herb of life helps immensely.
    See, I want you to know what the word “Immensely” means. But be able to write and spit rhymes about topical discussions, theological, psychological, physiological, historical, political, recreational, botanical, etc., and have a good flow that emulates Jazz instrumentation of the Hard Bop era, yet with a little bite.

    MY Influences in hip hop are vast, but I am always writing with Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Outkast, Cypress Hill, Blackstar, Wu-Tang Clan, Flying Lotus, EPMD, ALL BOOM-BAP HIP HOP, JAZZ HOP, JAZZ RAP, DJ Shadow, Lords of the Underground, West Coast 90’s P-Funk, Dr. Dre’s ‘The Chronic’, Psychedelic Hip Hop styles, drug-induced weed rap, Space Grass, Kendrick Lamar, J-Dilla, Madlib, MF DOOM, Stormzy, Dizzie Rascal…all forward thinking artists that I love and respect. So many more to list, but they are the ones that I base my music off of.

    I also approach my style of beats with the Psychedelic and Hippie culture in mind. I am a huge fan of improvisational music, Jam Bands, and any live performance of musicians getting together on stage. But mainly, the psychedelic free-style of the improv jams, especially the drug induced ones. Those are always masterpieces to me. However, I often feel that Hip Hop beats are ignored within that genre, so I am looking to infuse the two with more of an emphasis of NO RULES ALLOWED and ALL GENRES ACCEPTABLE, however within the guidelines of adding the Psychedelic flavoring and/or subject matter. Why Cant Hip Hop Explore the roots of Space Grass and Galactic Boom Bap!?!

    You MUST Have: The ability to record yourself. Just your vocals. You should know what that entails.
    If i have to explain it to you then we already lost, unless you can tell me all of the Tribe Called Quest albums in chronological order, only then I would be willing to work on getting what you need.

    If you are interested, PLEASE let me know. Lets spark a doob and some ideas.

  2. 2979918
    YungDemise : Sun 16th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    Aye man, looks like we have some similar interests. Hmu on soundcloud, im incredibly intrigued. We can spark up some ideas n experimentally create something


  3. 4076305
    ZAPPASATAN : Sun 16th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    I will look for you now on SC.

  4. 2054927
    nushhush : Mon 17th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    im interested. look me up on all platforms. check out "demons due" as well as "Eyesore". also do pop punk shit and alternative. lets work

  5. 2054927
    nushhush : Mon 17th Aug 2020 : 1 month ago

    my name on all platforms is stuumadden with an evil eye pfp

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