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The Drill Logbook

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    xwilsonn : Sat 18th Jul 2020 : 1 year ago

    My terminology and understanding of everything may not be fully fleshed out. I started this thread mostly due to Pop Smoke's posthumous album Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon. I live about 2 hours from Toronto and our city typically has a lot of UK athletes pass through to play our rugby team because its a quality team. I was about 17-18 when Whippin Excursion By Giggs dropped, so in the summer we got a lot of UK Drill. I want to discuss the difference between UK, Chicago, and Brooklyn Drill in an intelligent conversation. I know that Chief Keef is largely considered the catalyst for drill and UK just took to it. With its growing popularity over there I think the sound was further developed to the mainstream by people like Giggs and Stormzy. Within the last 2 years we saw the epic rise and tragic passing of Pop Smoke. Ive provided a short track list of what are notable drill songs to me.

    Shut up - Stormzy
    Big for your boots - Stormzy
    Whipping Excursion - Giggs
    Love Sosa - Chief Keef
    No Suburbans, Pt. II - Sheff G
    Dior - Pop Smoke
    Welcome to the Party - Pop Smoke

    In terms of sounds its all minor and very dark to me. Stormzy I believe more than anybody crosses lines into other genres and more pop-esque scales.
    In many tutorials I have noted that the snare goes on the 3 and 8. Im still not the most concrete on notation and stuff but id like to believe this is a 7/8 time signature. Please correct me if I am wrong. Another notable feature is the 808 slides. More on the UK side but Pop Smoke was not picky about what drill he did cause WOO. I feel all 3 are heavily propelled by their communities and thus use authentic language to their original audience once beyond their initial scope. i.e. Skeng, WOO. Most of these rappers also possess very deep natural voices but after watching some interviews I believe that they may still bass boost their vocals. Im not a mixing expert. I think its all good content and despite its sinister tones is really bringing a lot of people together. The UK got drill banned by the government like they gotta be doing something so right musically to be this big. Im aware there were some mass stabbing potentially related to the ban but Im not informed enough to really speak on it. But it also begs the question of what truly defines drill music from its roots of trap, grime, and hip hop such that someone would be able to identify it and ban it.

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    Unknown User : Sun 19th Jul 2020 : 1 year ago


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    Unknown User : Sun 19th Jul 2020 : 1 year ago


  4. 2746154
    xwilsonn : Tue 28th Jul 2020 : 12 months ago

    User above linked a video detailing the UK Drill creatives' view of their music.
    Reposting link because I found it informational.

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