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Acapella For A House Song

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  1. 3900716
    MartinNoon : Mon 29th Jun 2020 : 1 year ago

    Hi! Lately I've been working on an EDM track. The name is Superhero, and it's a Future / Melodic Deep House track which I hope to release soon (you can find the demo on my Looperman profile). I am looking for a good acapella for the track, so if someone would like to participate, be free to send me your ideas. I must emphasize that this song will not raise profits, it is only for fun. Without further ado, I hope you enjoy and I hope some answers

  2. 3900716
    MartinNoon : Wed 8th Jul 2020 : 1 year ago

    Hi, thanks to the ones who wanted to be part of the project, I've already found someone, but it's appreciated anyway.

  3. 3044759
    Polyeith : Fri 10th Jul 2020 : 1 year ago

    Hello, Ik I'm a bit off-topic (not to mention late) but I like your stuff, would you maybe wanna collab?

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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