What Are Great Ways To Getting An Audience

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  1. 2709300
    kaintheghost : Sat 27th Jun 2020 : 2 years ago

    Hi y'all,

    Do any of you know great ways to getting an audience/getting noticed when you really be doing this on your own with no connections.

    I've seen somebody say that you should listen to "up and coming" acts on soundcloud and message them saying good grace which helps build connections (networking).

    My music:

  2. 3306317
    FuxxItUpJss : Mon 29th Jun 2020 : 2 years ago

    Theres a site called RepostExchange. Ive been using it for 6 months and ive gotten from 0-1000 followers for free. I believe there are paid plans, but i used a free one since the beginning and it worked perfectly. The way it works is that you repost someones track for credits, and then spend it on other people to repost your track.

  3. 308224
    theHumps : Mon 29th Jun 2020 : 2 years ago

    Learn your craft till you can play out in clubs. If you can't perform your songs you'll probably go nowhere in the music biz. Posting your links here won't do you any good, what do you think the rest of us are all trying to do? We aren't your audience. The audience is out there. We are here to help you fix your mix, give some advice on arrangements/mixing and help out where we can but making it in the biz isn't gonna happen until you put the real work in. Hours of dedication, hard work, learning, interacting with others and some luck always helps. Who you know makes a big difference also.

    Practice your instruments, practice mixing and then get out of your bedroom and meet real people, in person to work on music to expand your learning of music and how to actually work with other people. That's important. If you're making electronic music, alone in your abode with no interaction with people, how are you gonna improve and advance in the industry? Posting on all those sites your on isn't the answer.

    I noticed you have no tracks posted here, now no one can hear your music. Not a good start, you are already fighting a losing battle. Post some songs here, review some tracks, get involved and you will get some feedback. That's the work I am referring to, it starts here, now.

    And screw soundcloud, that place sucks. And no, I won't click on your links. Post you songs here.

  4. 2709300
    kaintheghost : Mon 29th Jun 2020 : 2 years ago

    Great advice, thank you!

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