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    notavaliableondabeat : Mon 15th Jun 2020 : 1 year ago

    I'm N/A (notavaliableondabeat) and i'm an 18 year old producer about to start college, with the objectives of minoring in Music Theory and Sound Production & Engineering. i started producing about four years ago when i was in 8th grade and have been working with a few local artists throughout the past couple of years gaining experience along the way. i was part of a soundcloud collective a while back and left about a year ago in order to progress my musical talents further into a solo venture.

    since i was little, i always had this fascination with how music sounded and the process that went into how it was made. every time i would hear a song on the radio, i'd try to break the sounds into patterns within my head like if i was unstacking the layers in fl studio. after a while i decided to compose some music in fl studio 12 when i was in 8th grade. i couldn't afford to buy it back then so i committed an unforgivable sin and looked up fl studio 12 free download on google. i looked up some simple hip-hop starter kits, downloaded them, and opened up fruity loops.

    for about two years or so, i started to make music solely for the fun of it. i never looked up any tutorials or read anything. i just started making music, teaching myself the shortcuts, mixing and mastering, arranging everything on the playlist, etc. however, when i decided to allow some of my friends at school listen to some of the things i made, i began to realize a business opportunity for myself; selling my beats online for profit. if i already enjoy doing this, which was making music, why not generate at least some revenue for myself? so i did.

    i began establishing social networks through my friend group which led to me being able to work with some local artists in the tri-state. i joined a soundcloud collective and produced a few tracks (as of the date of this post it's currently dissolved). i established an music label so my friends could listen to my music on their own platforms. and most of all, i began to generate at least enough revenue to be able to acquire a FL Studio license and some equipment to outfit my room into a professional studio.

    i'm generally making this thread because i've been wanting to become more involved within this community since i made my account on here last year and have used many of the loops on here to improve my producing skills, and with everything that's going on in the world right now, i haven't been able to be as social as i've wanted to. i suffer from social anxiety disorder and adhd so even making this thread has been a bit difficult. im trying my best right now to try and continue growing my network, but to no avail.

    i considered a week ago making a discord server for people in a similar situation like me in order to maintain socialization, but i couldn't really motivate myself to follow through with it. maybe if i can get enough people on here to garner interest i might just do it.

    that's pretty much me in short terms.

  2. 3160239
    notavaliableondabeat : Mon 15th Jun 2020 : 1 year ago

    P.S. i just released my solo concept album on soundcloud, and im seeking some features. if you are interested in collaborating dm me on discord or soundcloud (details on my profile) or check out the thread:

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