Can I Be Sued For Short Lyrics Infringements

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  1. 1710059
    RandR : Fri 5th Jun 2020 : 4 weeks ago


    I don’t know If This is the right category to post my question but I will take a chance!

    If I am in The wrong category, I apologize!

    Three years ago I jokingly texted my friend (which I am still in good terms with today) the following:

    (Something along these lines):

    Can you complete the Following lyrics?
    Where we embrace XXXX

    He replied:
    “the mystical face ”

    Sounded nice so I told him that was great and I put it as part of my lyrics.

    Now, My part and his part “the mystical face” repeats 3 times in the song in the pre chorusus only!

    He’s probably forgotten about this as I did for 3 years because I really didn’t think anything of it, but now that I am about to release the song I’m concerned,!!! Does he own 50% of the Production (song + the video) since he came up with 3 words ?

    And what should I do in this case? Should I advise him? Or just let it go and have him come back to me if he ever does....

    I want to be honest with him but let’s face it, it took me three years to compose the song with all the lyrics (except: the mystical face ) get the actors, shoot the video, edit the video, paid agencies for actors, insurances and the list goes on and on.... it can’t be that for his 3 second thought of coming up with three words ...... that by default he would own 50% of the whole production .... that’s absurd !!!!

    What do you guys think?

    **** I am not a popular artist but you never know where these things can go.... But I don’t think much money (If any) will Be generated by this production!

    Thanks so much .... I really value your feedback!

  2. 3079323
    CortexProductions : Fri 5th Jun 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    Rap artists pay homage all the time with quick name/lyric drops.
    There is no way you should be sued or have any legal action be taken against you.

  3. 1547231
    Lek : Fri 5th Jun 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    Technically the answer is yes, your friend can claim copyright on the lyrics you have used and they could sue you. They can probably prove it quite easily as well now that you have created a thread detailing your admisssion of their contribution, along with the original text message exchanges.

    Having said that, the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim as

    1) You are unlikely to make much money from your venture and so what's the point of trying to get a percentage of not much and
    2) He's your friend right? :)

  4. 1245534
    VirginiaSlimm : Fri 5th Jun 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    Short answer, they wrote them, they can stake claim, they have a digital timestamped receipt from a telcom as well as a forum post outlining the situation.
    Long answer.
    Be as cool as possible... Contact the person and share the rights. Credit them. Most tracks don't produce income, but if it did, wouldn't it feel great to share that with someone who helped via txt when you asked? Who knows, the person might want to help again sometime if you give them as much credit as possible. Same with other people trying to decide if they should help you or not. Sometimes i credit people who help me in feedback with the process but don't actually provide material. They helped me get back on track and that is worthy of credit imo.
    Share the pie, even if it's only crumbs. :)

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