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From Brasil - Julio

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    Juliooliveira : Fri 29th May 2020 : 1 year ago

    Hi, my name is Julio... I'm going to talk a little bit about my experience in music.

    In my family, here in Brazil, there was always a musician ... Grandparents, cousins, uncles ... But none of them were professionals. I think my brother and I are the ones who took it a step further, at least in terms of registering works.

    When we were little, our parents always encouraged us to learn music, my father sang very well, despite not knowing anything about the theory or knowing how to play something. At Christmas, he always came with a piano, a recorder or a guitar ... He really wanted his children to have access to music education, he even enrolled us in a music theory course ... But at the time it was very big for me, or maybe I was too young and there were other conflicting interests, like Atari, bicycle racing ... and things like that. So, I left the music course, having only attended a few months of class. An interesting thing that helped me a lot to define my musical taste, was when I was 8 years old, back in the 80s ... I was presented with a record player from the 70s and a collection of vinyl records with one meter of high. My uncle had joined a religion and he didn't want to keep that song anymore, but he felt sorry for throwing the collection in the trash. It was music of all kinds, but mainly Rock, MPB and Disco. This was great for my training as a listener.

    Around the age of 15 there were many changes in my life, and I became very involved with music through various bands of Rock and Carnanval from the 90s in the city of Maceió. I had the opportunity to earn a change taking care of the sound while these bands played, things like: "put more bass in there" ... "it lowers that reverb" ... "the backing volume goes up" and things like that.
    With this coexistence the desire to play an instrument arose again ... so I bought an acoustic guitar and a double bass, and I asked for a tip here and there, buying magazines of musical figures ... I also had access to other instruments such as drums and Guitar. After a year of training and rehearsing
    with my brother and cousins ​​we did our first show, it was a disgrace ... the repertoire ended in 40 minutes and we started to repeat the songs, in the interval of the show an older friend appeared who played and sang in many bands of the time and he wanted give a soup. It saved our neck hahaha be continued...

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    Juliooliveira : Fri 29th May 2020 : 1 year ago

    And so it was until I was 22 years old, I had already assembled several bands, of various styles, where I played bass on them. I had musical instruments and complete sound equipment for small shows and rehearsals, I could earn a little money and invest in more equipment, but it wasn't much. Again many changes happened in my life, and at that time I wanted to be closer to my family, to lead a more peaceful life, to take care of my dogs and cats, so I stopped with the bands and the music again. I got rid of my musical stuff, I sold everything. At that time I just played with the family at Karaokes at family parties, or played a guitar at barbecues with friends.

    After many years, I started to miss to play real music, and in 2014 I bought a double bass and started playing with some friends from work, just for fun. And I can guarantee that the footprint is different, there is no price for you to touch only what you like and want to touch. The thing flows more naturally. I participate in two garage bands, in one I play double bass, in the other I play synth, and I only play what I like, apart from a small exception in exchange for the band playing something they don't like hahaha
    I bought a Microkorg, and in the video lessons to learn something about synthesizers, I became interested in music production, I have been in this for two years, today in 2020. The people I play with so far have no intention of recording or playing authorial music, so I compose and produce my own music.

    Finally I think I found my way in music. Production is the part that gives me the most pleasure, maybe the most difficult part, but it is very rewarding when we get a good result. I like all kinds of art, and I try to practice some, for example painting, literature and martial arts ... The covers of the works are myself that I do, sometimes my daughter also helps me since she is an excellent photographer and painter.
    I'm trying to organize my artistic production better, it's not easy, especially having to work every day in a job that can sometimes be very stressful ... But if I propose to do it the best I can, in the time I have. I'm constantly learning, the Looperman was very good for me, the tips that the staff gives, the collabs, being able to hear firsthand works of excellent quality, all of this makes you grow very artistically and technically.

    I am a very accessible and simple guy, always open to partnerships and collabs. I give a lot of value to people's words, I try to fulfill my commitments as best as I can, and I only work with musical styles that give me pleasure ... even if sometimes it doesn't bring any results hahaha
    If you like any of my songs and want to collaborate, please get in touch.

    You can find me on Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify and another things... with @juliooliveiramusic

    Let's make music!

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