Lost Frequencies And Zonderling Style Project VOCALIST NEEDED

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    FLEXwav : Mon 25th May 2020 : 1 month ago

    Hi ! I'm FLEX

    I recently started a project that sound like Lost Frequencies & Zonderling songs (Crazy or Love To Go) and it sound sooo good.

    I reaaally need good vocals on it (male or female).

    The lyrics gonna be based on a love story.

    I need someone that can sing louder if possible (not shy with the mic aha)

    The goal would be to distribute the song on all platforms and of course you'll be credited and you'll earn royalties.

    Leave a comment or contact me on instagram @FLEX.wav or my mail : be.flex.music @ gmail.com (remove spaces)

    Can't wait to work with you :)

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