Royalty And Commercial Use

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  1. 2758103
    masonsky24 : Sat 23rd May 2020 : 1 week ago

    Is there a distinction between Royalty Free and Commercial Free. I understand that there are royalty free samples/loops on this site. However, can I use royalty free samples/loops in my beats or instrumentals and sell them on a beat store?

    I have always been quite confused with this distinction. Please help a confused producer out! Much love!

  2. 2758103
    masonsky24 : Sat 23rd May 2020 : 1 week ago

    My apologies I meant to say "Commercial Use" instead of "Commercial free." Sorry about that.

  3. 2110345
    MrMac2901 : Sun 24th May 2020 : 6 days ago

    If i understand this topic correctly..basically, royality free is a describiton that people proposly say that their product can be used by anyone (by that i mean it doesn't actually belong to anyone, even though someone made it) So u don't have to worry about someone claiming it. For example juice wrld with his song lucid dreams. The sample got recognised by the original owner and he was sued for his unrightful use without permission for commercial usage. !The commercial use of the sample!
    Commercial = selling (selling the song for example)
    Royalty Free = Free to use
    Hope u know what i mean

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