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  1. 1540447
    natjamesworld : Fri 22nd May 2020 : 1 week ago

    Hey Looper gang,

    Myself and @mansasworld have been putting our collabs up for acapella use for a month or so now. We've heard some incredible remixes from you so far.
    I'll attach our work below and we'd love for you to post your new mixes & any feedback. Also if you want to work with us on any custom tracks --

    'Wave' // Original -
    Acapellas (A Minor / 140bpm):
    Hook -
    Verse 1 (NJ) -
    Verse 2 (Mansa) -

    'Guess What' // Original -
    Acapellas (A# Minor / 97bpm):
    Hook -
    Verse 1 (NJ) -
    Verse 2 (Mansa) -

    'Wait' // Original -
    Acapellas (B Minor / 150bpm):
    Hook - COMING 25TH MAY
    Verse 1 (Mansa) -
    Verse 2 (NJ) -

    Get creative. Let's hear some remixes !

  2. 2110345
    MrMac2901 : Sun 24th May 2020 : 6 days ago

    I have an Idea for a chill-type track, but can't find any fitting rapping vocals. After listening to some of your tracks and hearing the actually pretty good production(mixing&mastering) is was suprised.I don't think i can make something like this yet, but anyways If you are both interested and into this idea, let's talk. I think we can make something worthwhile.

    Here is the Link for the Raw Version of the Beat:

    Have a good one mate.

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