Thanks To Looperman My Spotify Listeners Grew By 30800 Per Cent

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    aapofficial : Sat 16th May 2020 : 2 years ago

    They have grown from 2 to 618 in the space of one month. Why? Well I have been receiving some fantastic remixes of our acapellas from the looperman community. In a month our catalogue has grown from a few tracks to over 300.

    All of these remixes have been distributed across all stores and guess what.the public love them! Streams have been going up on a consistent daily basis however our listeners quadrupled overnight from 150 to 618. Here is a link to my Spotify page:

    Not sure why we had such a dramatic increase so we have been googling how Spotify works and hope to share, in basic terms, why this is. However Im not complaining! At this rate we will be at a million listeners by the end of the month. LOL.

    If you want to remix one of our acapellas please feel free to do so. You get 60% of the royalties and you will also be joining the fastest growing remix label on Spotify as we speak! Take your pick:

    Happy remixing. Also the best remix of the month wins a $50 prize.

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    aapofficial : Sun 17th May 2020 : 2 years ago

    Ok guys. getting to the bottom of this. So 7 out of our 300 remixes got added to spotify's algorithmic playlist called "Release Radar" which updates every friday and alerts spotify users to new releases.

    This resulted in us getting around 500 streams and around 400 new listeners. So the great thing is the cream is rising to the top.

    Our monthly listeners is now nearly 1,000 and our looperman remixes of our acapellas are getting attention.

    The track that got the most listeners was this one:

    So well done leo valentine and WMD. This track is making moves. What do you think of this mix? Would love to hear your thoughts....

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