Thanks For Your Mixes And Fairwell From ILP

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    ConsciousEntitySound : Fri 15th May 2020 : 2 years ago

    My team ILP, the International League of Producers formed in 2015. Since then we have released 20 original tracks and those tracks have been remixed hundreds and hundreds of times by folks from all around the way. Now it's 2020 and it's time for us to say goodbye!

    The concept of ILP was to be a large active network of musicians, vocalists and producers whom collaborate frequently and take pride in the completion of projects with quality and precision - and it was that, but over the last year and a half quite a few of my teammates started to fall off the radar, citing "life changes" but mostly just looked like giving up on their craft, and our team's activity slowed significantly. There is a lot of responsibilities in running a team like this and it's become clear to me that it's just time to move on. We made some great tunes. Met a lot of great producers both inside and outside of ILP. Had some great remix contests. It's bitter sweet, but it is what it is.

    During the period described above of a significant portion of my team becoming inactive and MIA, all my collabs seemed to boil down to a handful of guys who are vets and still very active. Taking that into consideration, I have decided that what I want to do is start a new, very small and tightly knit team rather than a network - and start fresh. I will leave all of the ILP pellas up here and if you want to download ILP remixes that have been archived go to before I take the site down. Alternatively you can find the mixes archive here

    I will be uploading new pellas here in the future, as soon as I put together a clearer picture of how I am moving forward from here and start creating again with the new team. Thanks again for the memorable 5 years, especially if you're one of the folks who held it down for us by remixing our music or sharing our music with others! :)

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    joecramer : Sat 16th May 2020 : 2 years ago

    It is always the same, after around 5 years all has changed and people, who are not in the inner circle of your life, are gone to there next thing ..... that's what someone already told me 35 years ago.

    So i will wait for your next step and listen to the new stuff you will create. I bet it will be more you then it was before, cause now you change from "a part off" to "my thing" and that's not always the badest.

    But i can tell you why all this happend.
    You didn't post anywhere MY remix from the "keep on moving" track. So no wonder why all leave :)

    stay tuned

  3. 522916
    ConsciousEntitySound : Sat 16th May 2020 : 2 years ago

    *Jimi Hendrix voice* Heeeyyyy Joooeee!

    LoL you're a funny guy. My bad, to be honest there are a whole lot of remixes folks have done that I never got to sharing. As mentioned, it's a lot of work taking care of everything and sometimes I had 20-30 mixes that would accumulate at a time, being so busy with so many other things I would often just kind of quickly go through them and share the mixes that caught my ear or ones that I could tell producers put a lot into making, even if I didn't feel them. Nothing personal bro! I think you're on to something there though, this next thing will be my thing - perhaps my best work is yet to come then! :)

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