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  1. 2068239
    Jalnsvrs : Mon 11th May 2020 : 2 months ago
    First off, hey! Hope you're well :)
    So I need your guys' help...I just started this track titled "line" and I'm not entirely sure what to do from here. I'm stuck without a main melody and instrument for that said melody. I was also entertaining the idea of having someone sing some lyrics for this thing as well. Something sorta emotional but with a deep but ultimately happy tone. If anyone has any comments, suggestions, or critiques, please share them. Thanks in advance:)

  2. 3365496
    Romsii : Mon 1st Jun 2020 : 1 month ago

    It sounds pretty good! As for a lyrical and melody suggestion, I think a Halsey-type of style would be really great for it!

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