Ads On Loops To Support Creators

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  1. 2491224
    3vade : Sat 2nd May 2020 : 2 years ago

    I think that adding maybe some ads to watch for like 5 seconds before downloading a loop would really support and motivate the creators. Anyone else agree? Some people here work really hard to put out these loops and get no money from it, so I think maybe this would help.

  2. 3304814
    c137 : Sun 3rd May 2020 : 2 years ago

    good idea

  3. 2961826
    OGKLeechy : Thu 18th Jun 2020 : 2 years ago

    I don't know, this would turn posting loops into a buisness, the royalty free no revenue policy makes posting loops more of a passion/hobby.. unless the add was optionnal, but still, greedy spammers type people would make it sh*t for everyone

  4. 494061
    WatchWoods : Thu 25th Jun 2020 : 2 years ago

    I think it would be cool to see something like this. There are a lot of people who provide a lot of loop content. It would be great to see them make some money off of it

  5. 2163416
    CodyPowers : Thu 25th Jun 2020 : 2 years ago

    The beauty of this site is there are no ads. I post loops to share my passion for music and to inspire some producers. I sell beats if I want to make money off of music. I think we should support these creators but maybe in a different way.

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