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    joecramer : Sat 2nd May 2020 : 2 years ago

    advertising above, advertising below, advertising on the side, advertising between the articles, advertising overlaid, advertising by professionals, advertising by stupid men and spammers, advertising by attention-grabbing amateurs. this page literally screams - click on me, click on me - and as is usually the case in advertising, the content is lost somewhere, if it is there at all.
    you can see that really well in the number and quality of the comments. write a comment? does that bring me anything? Yes it does. is the comment i write important or is it just important to write one? it is enough if you just write something. because then the comment becomes an advertisement. he pushes my song up on the advertising page for new songs. does it help me to write a comment on the loop page? no, unless I insert a link that refers to my stuff. does he have to do anything with the loop? no, of course not, because that would undermine the basic idea of this advertising page.
    Doing something on looperman now only serves self-marketing and the advertising industry. Introduce opportunities that make it possible to counteract this behavior, to throw this senseless one away with nothing to say and to give people unfriendly nonsense? none. would also violate the deep-rooted idea of an advertising page. because who would come here and do something if he is afraid that someone just presses a button and comments and links that do not fit, just removed ......
    i think we have to say goodbye to the idea that looperman is a platform for musicians. better today than tomorrow. it is simply a - now finally click here to get money or attention - and it should stay that way. too bad, but it's the way it is.
    I could go on like this for hours.
    For example, something like - Joe Fantastic does a little competition and everyone is supposed to participate just for fun - is considered as - Joe does a competition to spread his name. and of course nobody participates, because then Joe would get attention and not ME. or -Joe Cramer posts a song. Should I write him a comment that explains how he could get better? no of course not. because then he would get better and I would have one more competitor.

  2. 1231236
    joecramer : Sat 2nd May 2020 : 2 years ago

    I personally have almost only one eye on the forum, but that too is constantly being misused with more and more advertising for super rappers and producers and videos and songs and communities outside of looperman.
    and so looperman is unfortunately no longer an alternative to other platforms that only rely on advertising and overestimation of amateurs
    and what does that all with me?
    i let me stop listen to music. i makes me stop to write comments. i make me stop to react on loops. it makes me feel sad and makes me angry and let me write stuff where i later think - hey joe you go into the same direction then the ones you hate :)

    So if someone has a good idea to change all this strange stuff into something that work better - just write it anywhere where it has an effect. maybe here it is not the right place. because no one wants to hear it.

    (I would like to apologize for my bad english. because I am native German) - Joe

  3. 3403798
    SliMusic : Sat 2nd May 2020 : 2 years ago

    Yeah, I've stopped giving half-ass comments on others tracks. I want people to know if that I didn't find much to say on their tracks that I REALLY meant what I said that your track was great/amazing. I always strive to leave a whole paragraph.

    The thing is, joe, it starts with "treat others like you want to be treated". I've seen that if I leave a single sentence on others tracks for a bit, the amount of comments I get on my own increases but the amount of valuable feedback decreases. That's why I'm now looking to other methods to get feedback now. But if I comment whole paragraphs, I get less comments but more useful feedback.

    Of COURSE people will always self-advertise. Its human nature, self comes first, especially when you don't personally know anyone here. The point is, we must strive to do better for this community and support others first, then people with do the same back. I think the tracks system should be reversed, if someone comments on your track it goes up. Stops people from giving weak comments that you would see on a youtube video.

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