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    FrashMex : Sat 25th Apr 2020 : 2 years ago

    Hi Looperman community!

    Let me first briefly introduce myself. I guees you could say, that I am what people call a "bedroom producer". I make beats in FL studio as a hobby whenever I find time for it. That is to say not really on the regular and that there can be months passing without me making music. However I decided to dedicate myself a bit more to this hobby of mine for the duration of this spring/summer.

    That said, before I never really shared my music much with the world. Maybe I would show some tracks to my friends or my family but most of the time that was already it. Now however I wanted to publish some tracks that I have been gathering. This now leads me to the problem of having to properly master my tracks, which I had never really attempted before and I am just realizing how tricky it is.

    Basically I am hopelessly lost with trying to use FL's compression tool Maximus. I guess I could work myself into that, however i figured mybe it would be a good idea to ask for some general tips on mastering/ compression on here, maybe also considering the type of music I am making currently, since tutorials, which you can find often are quite general.

    As a resort i just used the FL plugin soundgoodizer, which uses certain presets from Maximus. Do you guys think Soundgoodizer can in some cases substitute a "proper master"?

    You can check out my track "cherry garden" on my profile and tell me what you think especially about the mastering and the mix, but other stuff is appreciated as well of course!

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    JoeFunktastic : Mon 27th Apr 2020 : 2 years ago

    I will attempt to use the least technical speech here that is humanly possible for me because I know you are new at this. I listened to your track CHERRY GARDEN. There are a lot of problems with it as it is now. At this time, I just do not feel like doing a lot of writing on this topic. But first, I must congratulate you for taking that very first big step towards your mastering path and wanting to improve your sound. Now your song, what is the second biggest problem in your song? It is your mix. What is the biggest problem in your song? You must stop using Soundgoodizer on your mastering channel!

    You asked: Do you guys think Soundgoodizer can in some cases substitute a "proper master"?

    Absolutely not! Soundgoodizer is just a simplified VST with presets that have predetermined compression and saturation settings which are based on a one size fits all approach which can spell disaster for folks just starting out. So Soundgoodizer is not meant to be placed on your mastering bus channel. It was designed to be placed on one or more of your individual stereo bus mixing channels. For instance, there is a setting on it for your drum mixing channel to bring out the punchiness and warm character of your drums when placed on your drum only mixing channel buses let's say in this example. Placing Soundgoodizer on your mastering channel has destroyed the dynamic range and response of your song by adding a blanket of mud (flat blah sound), to your song while at the same time while making that blah sound even louder.

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    JoeFunktastic : Mon 27th Apr 2020 : 2 years ago

    The mix is poor, and that is my honest constructive criticism critique. Learn to embrace bad critiques as long as they are honest because they are meant to make you better. An honest critique will identify the problem(s) and it would also suggest a possible remedy. In your case, the bass is all over the place crushing your high-frequency dynamic space. That could be Soundgoodizer doing the damage among other things. But the two things that can help your song right away is using a Gain Staging mixing technique and you should learn more about high pass filters and low pass filters (the isolation of some frequencies.) These things happen in the mix and before your final master. There are so many other things to cover here like compression/limiting, ceilings, thresholds, ratios, attack, and release. EQ is important too, yes but EQ can lie to you if the earlier things I mentioned are not addressed properly.

    Well, I have not even scratched the surface yet so that should give you a clear idea of how far you have to go. Take it one topic at a time though and do not overwhelm yourself. You are heading in the right direction though. You should really earn what compressors and limiters are and what they do. And remember this! You do not have to compress everything, some sounds do not require compressing. You need to learn that on your own, in a school, video, book, or just pay for it. Try not to preset your way through mastering. Presets are only meant to serve as a starting point and are not meant as an end-all solution. Your ears, skills, and equipment are supposed to do the rest. Mastering is not something that if you do a certain and predictable action that you will get amazing results. No, it does work that way. This is why people thought that they could shortcut the process with presets. You should learn it. Mastering is not new, it has been going on for many years before the personal computer was ever invented. Always Learn and educate yourself if you want to survive and grow in the music business. Good Luck!

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    FrashMex : Mon 27th Apr 2020 : 2 years ago

    Hey Joe! I cannot express how much I appreciate your long answer! It was really direct and I could tell there is a lot of experience behind the words. As you could probably tell, when I posted this, I did never really look into mastering yet and neither too much into mixing. Yesterday I was doing a bit of research on the internet myself mainly by watching tutorials and I was just somewhat shocked by just how deep this topic goes and how complex it is. I realised that it is really a science/ an art for itself.

    My question about the soundgoodizer was maybe meant to be somewhat rhetorical and provocative, but I thought maybe it could be somewhat up to debate. Well turns out, I was really off by thinking that...

    Yesterday I attempted to do a more "suffisticated master" by using maximus, however I think after what all of yyou guys said in here, it's probably worth just to go back to the mix and fix a few things there. I definitely won't get it perfect, but hey without practice you will never become great, right?

    First however I'll get back to learning, as you suggested. What you said about mastering and mixing being around for longer than PC's already really stuck out to me. There is really no excuse for one not to learn about these things as there must be lots and lots of knowledge out there just waiting to be acquired.

    Thank you again for your words, I will try to remember them!

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    JoeFunktastic : Mon 27th Apr 2020 : 2 years ago

    No problem. But here is a strong recommendation I would like to make. First, Maximus is considered as an intermediate to advanced device so do not feel bad that you do not get it at this time. Maximus is a combo-device. It is cramped with a lot of things that can be quite intimidating and confusing. Maximus is a Multi-Band Compressor (that is a essentially a compressor with a built in EQ) A Limiter (so that you can set a maximum celing level such 0dB or another lower level maximum of your choosing so as to avoid digital clipping), Low and High pass controls (Frequency isolation controls), Noise gating (the abilty to cut that trailing noise and sound after effects like what a guitar amp sim might make as for an example), Parallel Compression, and finally Ducking (the lowering of sound trigger by another sound in real time.)

    Here is an example of what Ducking is in my video:

    My point is, even I myself prefer speciffic VST devices for nearly each function or purpose when I am producing. I might just want to perform a send and return on a snare drum bus while using only saturation. A combo-device such as Maximus complicates this with all of its many functions.

    But I am recommeding a compressor for you which is simple and is appropriate for all of your mastering needs. It is just a compressor without all of the geek knobs. It comes highly recommend by for new producers and it is free!
    It is called MJUC jr. - variable-tube compressor

    It is super easy to use and engineered to sound like a big commercial VST. It has only two knobs and a selector with no presets because you really do not need presets with this. Start with this and just your EQ, that is all you need just to start. You will sound much better. Once you get an idea on what this compressor does and on how compressors affect your sound you can then switch back to Maximus at any time.

    Good Luck!

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    Synec3ipher : Tue 28th Apr 2020 : 2 years ago

    You should watch as many tutorials like "In the Mix" is a channel on YouTube which does a great job for mixing so basically I am totally similar like you the so called "bedroom producer" so I was also bad at mixing though I am not a professional yet I do not own a good studio speaker only a JBL headphone but I myself experimented a lot like using maximus and multi and compressor but I own an ozone 8 advanced so it's much easier than most of the fruity loops effects

    If you have just started at mixing try to copy every other producer how they side chain how they make buses for every element that is drum bus or the synth bus etc which makes the whole thing easier firstly try to EQ everything perfect use stereo shaper and change the phases cause there's a lot different thing going on your brain like if the one sound is emitting through the speakers at the same time your ears cannot listen them perfectly cause there is a constructive interference between both the waves coming out of the speakers so you have to put a little delay on the sound that sounds a bit confusing but I found out on Andrew Huang's YouTube channel

    Sorry for making this post longer and a bit confusing you can ask me anything further I still don't know how EDM or major progressive house cause there is a Hella lot going on that projects feel free to ask me anything

    Good luck on producing

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    FrashMex : Thu 7th May 2020 : 2 years ago

    Hey guys!

    I already had made a new reply but accidentally deleted it...

    Anyway what I wrote in there is that I wanted to thank you all and that you really helped me with spotting, what's good sound. I updated the track to the latest version, I compressed/ saturated it with Maximus. In the future however I think I will go for the recommendation of Joe as Maximus is quite subtle to use, which I really underestimated.

    Let me know, what you think of the new version! I am worrying a bit, that I went too crazy on the panning of a few things actually.


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