LockDown 2020 Surviving Covid-19 Together

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  1. 177447
    AnomalyJ : Mon 20th Apr 2020 : 10 months ago

    So I just wanted to start a post so we could talk about what effecting every person on this planet.

    Me I'm in Los Angeles, we've been locked down since early March. I'm dealing with it on hour at a time. How about you?

  2. 2792537
    NATHMUSIC : Tue 21st Apr 2020 : 10 months ago

    This virus is a blessing and a curse. It's such a horrible situation putting every person in a confused and anxious state of mind, but it has given me a lot of time to work on my craft and create music, which I love to do. This is one of the songs I was able to finish during my time in quarantine, take a look. https://soundcloud.com/n_a_t_h/spoil-me-prod-by-don-camillo

  3. 3403798
    SliMusic : Tue 21st Apr 2020 : 10 months ago

    I'm getting tons of work done. I think I've benifited from the lockdown by how far I've come. That said, being cooped up in the house with the same 2 people.... not very fun. We'll get through it though.

  4. 177447
    AnomalyJ : Tue 21st Apr 2020 : 10 months ago

    Well my roommate and I have benefited from giving ourselves space but also trying to get together to spend quality time just talking, having a meal and laughing.

  5. 375728
    Cybertooth : Wed 22nd Apr 2020 : 10 months ago

    If there's one silver lining? traffic has never been better and gas is under a dollar.
    of course theres nowhere to go... unless you want food.

  6. 177447
    AnomalyJ : Wed 22nd Apr 2020 : 10 months ago

    This Thursday I'm doing my every 2 week shopping trip but I have to get my mind in the frame for battle first. I'm super paranoid so I gear up and then when I get home I wash everything down, take a decontamination shower and get a glass of wine and prepare myself for the next couple of days of did I catch something :(..my throat feels funny...I think I'm dying. #newnormal

  7. 177447
    AnomalyJ : Tue 20th Oct 2020 : 4 months ago

    6 months and we still on lock down!!!!!!!!

  8. 1245534
    VirginiaSlimm : Fri 30th Oct 2020 : 4 months ago

    It sucks nano-nads.
    I'm going to get a lot of work done though.
    I worry about my older family members all the time.
    I also worry about my friends who make a living playing and touring because they are losing their careers.
    It's not the end of the world, but it's the end of our innocence.
    I start to feel like an old mudflap on a droning truck, good news is I can still make out the plucky phrase.
    "Keep on Truckin'"
    So I'll just do that!

  9. 177447
    AnomalyJ : Thu 28th Jan 2021 : 1 month ago

    Just checking in ... coming up on a year soon. Who knew?

    So much as changed and yet I still feel the same.

    How you living?

  10. 174317
    smallpaul : Thu 28th Jan 2021 : 1 month ago

    Hi all, I work in Theatre in a large hsopital, I contracted covid mid march last year. I was really ill for 3-4 weeks but managed to beat it. Although elective surgery has all but the most urgent cases been cancelled, Ive never seen ITU, HDU A&E and all wards so busy and overwhellemed, its a scary situation. Anyone who still thinks this is a hoax or doesnt want the vaccine have a look around your nearest ITU. Anyway we havent stopped and just when you think it couldnt get any worse it does! Everyone stay safe and try to be positive and patient with other people, be strong for them when they cant. We will beat this!!

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