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Remix Making Beats By AAP

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    aapofficial : Thu 9th Apr 2020 : 1 year ago

    A track about making beats back in the day. Originally done as a country vocal but made with every intention of it being remixed.

    The track is called "Making Beats" and can be found here:

    Stems can be found here:

    File size is about 120Mb.

    You will get vocals and guitars in .wav format. Use as little as much as you want!

    Once finished upload your finished version to looperman and name it as follows:

    Making Beats by AAP (Your Remix Name)

    Then let the whole world know about your remix.

    Also get in contact and we will give your remix it's own ISRC code and we will distribute it to all digital retailers.

    We pay a whopping 80% of the royalties. So give it a go!

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