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  1. 1552300
    bitronix : Wed 8th Apr 2020 : 1 month ago

    I have planned to make my very first album (containing 7 songs) and that plan was almost a year ago. It's named "Peculiar Daydreams" and it's a concept album.

    So far I only have made two tracks namely (not real titles):
    Project Whitewolf (70% out 100%)
    Project SkyBreach (50% out of 100%)

    So I want to know what steps or advice do I need to take and/or know in making an album. I have a label that can master my sounds for me, though how do I keep the quality of work consistent throughout the album through mixing and sound design?

  2. 3103352
    rxslr : Wed 8th Apr 2020 : 1 month ago

    maybe you can outsource mixing. or at least get feedback from different people.
    sounddesign is somehow subjective, maybe its good someone makes the drums for you if you want that from scratch like signature drums... if u also do that it will take years for your album.
    idk if u dont have time to work on it. but now a year passed and there is no song. the workflow and process is important to finish something. maybe you can find a way to work more product orientated?
    where do you think it is difficult to make progress for you? where do you lose time and have no results?
    is there something in your work process you get stuck over and over again? what is the most difficult for you?

  3. 3103352
    rxslr : Wed 8th Apr 2020 : 1 month ago

    gather people around you that help you with it. dont matter if its online or afk. afk would be better tho...

    theres a lot of people who will help you if you can name the task

  4. 1552300
    bitronix : Thu 9th Apr 2020 : 1 month ago

    I'm currently doing college, which means I really don't have much time to make a song. Albeit I couldn't find a "drive" for me to compose a melody or a chord progression. Though it's quarantine season, I can at least form some structure for the other 5 songs that I haven't created yet.

    As for my work progress, I get stuck when I'm overwhelmed with my project. Other way to say it is when I did not notice that I have already put so much automations and effects on my synths and drums that I get overwhelmed and be afraid to touch anything, so I get demotivated to work on it. In addition to that, most of the time, I'm afraid to call my track as "finished" because I feel like there's something always missing, or maybe it's not on par in terms of quality with today's music.

    But anyways, making my own drum samples in order to have that consistency throughout the album is a damn great idea. I haven't even thought of that, so thanks! I can take all the time I want though, unless someone big makes a tune very similar to my songs, which is a bummer.

  5. 3103352
    rxslr : Thu 9th Apr 2020 : 1 month ago

    for me giving and choosing structures is also challenge...
    some ppl say musicians need someone to tell them ok now its enough, the song is finished, its good, bc if you let them, they will sit there and tweak and flex forever lol i feel that.
    wow you are very aware of what is going on in your process and workflow. this will help you for sure.
    good we dont have to starve when we dont deliever at the end of the month...
    cool you can take your time. just one step after the other. and sometimes get an overview.
    you got the passion you wont give up.
    learning drum synthesis and drum processing will take a lot of time man. but its highly addictive and good fun too.
    if you go ahead w your project ypu will learn and profit a lot, no doubt.

    cool mate.
    see ya

  6. 3954717
    db4dub : Wed 29th Apr 2020 : 1 month ago

    Instead of looking at your 2 songs as a 7 song album maybe finish one first and have a single that exists rather than a fantastical album with 60% of one song actually done, youre planning the wedding but havent met the girl.

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