I Offer Free Mixing And Mastering Of Vocals RAP HIP HOP TRAP POP

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    ryleave : Mon 6th Apr 2020 : 2 years ago

    yo, if somebody is looking for a free mix and master this might be a good offer for you.

    I have some experience doing it. I want to keep practising and that is why I offer it for free. It will help me get more creative and collect ideas and experience due to all the different vocals and beats and it will give you the chance to get a decent mix for free.

    Reach out to me on Instagram @hoseuberschuh

    and send me stuff to mix and master!

    i'm looking forward to work with you

    if you use fruity loops the best way you can send me files is to export it as a zipped loop package but if you don't that's no problem

    (remember this is only a limited time offer since I can't accept too many)

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