EDM Producer In Dire Need Of A Vocalist

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  1. 2590136
    SmallCookie : Tue 31st Mar 2020 : 2 months ago

    Hey guys looking for a male or female vocalist (or even both!) to help me out with a song i'm producing for a contest.

    I'm an EDM producer (this one in particular will be Melodic dubstep/Melodic House) who produces a wide range of various EDM subgenres (from DNB to chill) and basically i would like a/the vocalist/s well, to sing of course! I have lyrics and will have come up with the vocal lead by Thursday.

    Im currently using the username Levraison, but here's some of my stuff anyway from a previous name!:



    and here's some of my more recent stuff! :


  2. 318406
    DynamiteSkye : Mon 27th Apr 2020 : 1 month ago

    Im interested! https://soundcloud.com/dynamiteskye

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