Warping And Distorting Piano- Knock It Off

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  1. 329240
    Vidmeister : Sat 15th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    There are so many dope melodies being ruined by "tape deck" efx or detuning, etc.. Consider uploading the "clean" version alongside your stylized version. I think that mini-trend will sound ridiculous very soon, if it isn't already played out.

  2. 851137
    crucethus : Sat 15th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    Sort of like the overuse of the cringy term Dope

  3. 2298815
    akabedhead : Sun 16th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    i agree that some melodies are made annoying with the lofi effects and such that people add, but the weird shit like that is what a lot of people use this site for.
    if you want dry melodies you might as well just record them yourself

  4. 883656
    NoellaRose : Wed 19th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    (Re: record them yourself) yeah, or you could even put a melody together with pre-recorded piano notes https://freesound.org/people/pinkyfinger/

    Example usage: https://www.instagram.com/p/B8sHFzJJ0IJ/ (As dry as I wanted)

    Anyway, people will do what they want for the most part, but you'd have much more luck asking much more nicely.

  5. 841435
    ValveDriver : Sat 22nd Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    Ok. But only because you said so.

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