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    kenjohn14 : Tue 4th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    Looking for vocalists, producers, designers, engineers, videographers, etc. to join a group Im forming; preferably ages 17-21. Any race, gender, sex, etc. welcome. Must be active and respectful! Ideally looking for artists with a similar sound to mine:
    Would be helpful if you have instagram or are willing to make one. Leave your links below and I will be messaging you back if you're a good fit.

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  3. 3425094
    itssuffery : Tue 4th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    Message me if you want to collab

  4. 2212484
    DasDimaBeatz : Wed 5th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    dude, I really like your style... I wnated to go into the chill direction too, so everything fits perfectly! Heres my yt channel, take a look if youre interested:

    for Instagram, just search for my username ;D

  5. 3294651
    jcxc00 : Wed 5th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    im down to collab. I have a juice wrld/iann Dior type sound.
    Heres my soundcloud
    Dm me on instagram @prodbyjessie if youre down

  6. 2452362
    kenjohn14 : Sat 8th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    still need people!!

  7. 3717212
    ProdDRNGL : Tue 11th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    i gotta admit im new to this producing things. ive been only producing for 5 months and i dont know if my skills can let me join to the group but here is my

    and i would be really happy if i can join the group


  8. 2652826
    TheFemiFactor : Fri 14th Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    Here are a few of my songs, you can let me know if the style works with you;

  9. 3277014
    JoshuaKeshun : Sun 23rd Feb 2020 : 2 years ago

    I'm interested my IG: @501.pisces

    A couple of my songs:

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