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    Zombae : Fri 31st Jan 2020 : 2 months ago

    Looking for experienced advice for mixing auto tuned vocals for "cloud rap/"Sad Boi auto-tuned type" effect and songs. Very interested on how to eq correctly and and questions about doubling of vocals/reverb and delay automations!.

    Im also wondering on how to record VOCALS and how these "punk style" type auto tune songs have a consistent limiter on them. Do they alwayse use a waves vocal rider? How do they get it the vocal to sit, pop out, mix correctly with the song.


    Some examples of songs with these effects im talking about are:





    - (over the top autotune but still wondering).(808 slaps though)

    DM,email, or reply to me for more in-depth help on this topic thanks!

    ~Zombae x)

  2. 2474047
    atmc : Fri 31st Jan 2020 : 2 months ago

    I don't do much melodic rap, but my chain is setup for it.

    Here's how my typical vocal chain goes:

    1. MPReq by Analog Obsession (free) - Tube Pre Emulation

    This helps gain some mid/high end boost (I use about 4) and get some warmth/tube-like artifacts in the vocal.

    2. Wave Real Time Tune

    I use this for keeping chorus or singing parts consistent and on-key, but using faster settings and exaggerated speed of course gives you the "auto-tune" quality for melodic rapping or singing.

    3. Waves NS1 Noise Suppressor - removing room/high noise

    4. Channel EQs

    I'll have two to three EQs depending on the material. Always have a 100-150hz low cut and use subtractive EQ in problematic areas of the vocal. Using an 18 or slim Q and boosting frequencies till you find boxy (100 - 700hz) or sharp/distorted (1k - 5k) sounds is common practice for EQ cleanup.

    5. Compressor

    I work in Logic, so their stock compressors are nice enough for work. I would use a light ratio on Chorus or singing/melodic rapping (3:1 to 5:1) and a heavy ratio on faster rapping/stronger vocal performances (5:1 to 8:1).

    6. DC1A by Klanghelm (free) [Situational]

    If I want a more vintage or warm tone, I will use this compressor to do all of the output/gain boosting. I turn on Relaxed to kiss the peaks, Deep so it doesn't affect the low-end, and Negative which gives it a nice character and punch to vocals. You may want to go harder on the output/gain if you don't use Negative. I find this setting works well for fast rapping.

    7. Multiband Compressor [Situational]

    Only use this on the 150-500hz area and bring down the dBFS 2-4db to tame the low end. This depends on vocal type.

    8. PuigTec EQs by Waves

    This is for boosting the 10-12k area to get that commercial or pop shine on the vocal. Boost 4-8 in this area and it really brings some brightness to the vocal. As long as you treated the vocal right with EQ and a Noise Suppressor/Noise Gate, you will get a nice result.

    9. Ozone Imager (free)

    I set the Width to 20 and Stereoize to 6-11. The Stereoize function has some sort of formant affect on the voice which sounds interesting to bring some character to the vocals. I'm sure Stereoize 11-20 would work well for more auto-tuned vocals.

    Well, that's about it!

    This are not my Vocal Tracking chain. I will track with MPreq, Waves Real-Time, a Compressor, Reverb, and a Gain plugin to hear my vocals over the beat.

    All of the vocal tracks would get sent to a Buss/Aux for treatment. Of course, you could change the width on Ozone Imager to 50 for Chorus or wider singing parts.

    Of course, this is also only for treating the vocals nicely and getting them to sit right in the mix. Adding bus sends with Stereo Delay and Reverb will give it that finalized glue to the track. Of course, always low and high cut Delay and Reverb.

    Hope this helped!

  3. 3587950
    Zombae : Fri 31st Jan 2020 : 2 months ago

    Thanks for your input!, tube style compression is def what i'm looking for but i'm aiming to exploit my voice a certain way but using the same elements i showed. Just looking for their vocal chains bc it seems like it fits well with my voice haha.

    ~Zombae x)

  4. 2474047
    atmc : Fri 31st Jan 2020 : 2 months ago

    Forgot to mention using a de-esser after the high gain boost. Feeding the bright high-end boost into a de-esser helps clean up harshness and transients. I use Waves Simblance for that.

  5. 3587950
    Zombae : Fri 31st Jan 2020 : 2 months ago

    nice yeah I feel like for cloud they boost the highs super super high and then just de-ess it alooot. but I need eq advice and mixing advice mainly for my vocals

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