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  1. 376152
    projectjehobith : Sun 26th Jan 2020 : 10 months ago

    Been awhile since I uploaded anything or very active at all on here. Just wanted to share something new in the heavy metal department. This song is called -Segregation-

    I always write songs with meaning through my guitar playing and the lyrics I sing. Enjoy

  2. 3294651
    jcxc00 : Tue 28th Jan 2020 : 10 months ago

    im down to collab. I have a juice wrld/iann Dior type sound.
    Heres my soundcloud
    Dm me on instagram @prodbyjessie if youre down

  3. 376152
    projectjehobith : Tue 28th Jan 2020 : 10 months ago

    Wow really. Thanks for hijacking. I'm not down to collab because I write rock and heavy metal unless you want some Heavy guitar or a rockish sound in your hiphop. I don't think you show any interest in my track I posted above so thanks for Hi- jacking my post. I do however appreciate all genres of music.

  4. 2298815
    akabedhead : Wed 29th Jan 2020 : 10 months ago

    your post titles hit me like a bus

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