Looking For Producers-Mix Engineers W Experience That Want More

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  1. 3097665
    sickxday : Wed 22nd Jan 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    Im a producer as well as an artist. I'm trying to focus more on the artist aspect and collaborate with different producers to experiment a bit more than i do with my own beats. Its a little difficult to write, record, produce, engineer, and master all together so any help would be appreciated and any talented people that would like to grow or possibly make a name for themselves are welcome to contribute. Im mostly looking for good beats and I'm also looking for engineers who want more experience mixing. I put my link to my youtube channel where i post beats occasionally to give you an idea of my sound and Im willing to send some songs by me if you're interested in collaborating...


  2. 3206147
    zyvd : Wed 22nd Jan 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    hmu in insta got beat and i mix and master


  3. 3235990
    randalld : Wed 22nd Jan 2020 : 4 weeks ago

    I'm an audio engineer hit my business email for vocal mastering / eqing

Posts 1 - 3 of 3

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