So All These Looperman Loops Are Getting Major Placements Lately

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  1. 1786791
    BabyM1lo : Tue 21st Jan 2020 : 10 months ago

    For those who got their loops on major songs, what was the aftermath like? I tried looking for threads like this but i couldnt find much, and it seems like Minor2go, a popular uploader, didnt receive much even though his fucking song got a drake and french placement. Or i could be unaware and things looked much better than i can imagine.

    Anyone have a story? Id like to approach with more preparation for the future

  2. 2833192
    1retos : Tue 21st Jan 2020 : 10 months ago

    when uploading to looperman, you are not obliged to get any recognition at all. so you gotta basically expect that you wont get anything

  3. 3190294
    prodgreyspace : Wed 22nd Jan 2020 : 10 months ago

    Every loop uploaded is royalty free. Therefore, the creator of the loop is not required to receive any payment or recognition.

  4. 2689573
    PDogg69 : Wed 22nd Jan 2020 : 10 months ago

    you cant prepare success and that'll never be how that works

    just grind and focus on the music

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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