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  1. 2068239
    Jalnsvrs : Tue 14th Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    Hello, guys! I'm in progress of a beat. It has a different style and feel to it and I'd really love to get some opinions! I'd love to maybe get a collab out of it if it's good enough. I'm sure it has some leveling issues but I know I need some outside opinions to better help shape what I've got goin' here.
    Thank you so much in advance!
    (I do have a lyrical melody and some verses goin' for it) :)

  2. 3676728
    mcguuuu : Wed 15th Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    i fw that melody hard :) u should make the drums louder and maybe a second melody (something slower) to help it blend
    if u wanna collab on that hmu on sc
    this is my most recent track

  3. 3671222
    Timbucktune : Wed 15th Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    its tight af man. my criticism would be that the first loop that plays sounds too harsh and metal sounding and its clashing with the rest of the beat a little bit i think you should soften it up somehow and maybe add something that alters it when the rest of the beat comes in.

  4. 2068239
    Jalnsvrs : Wed 15th Jan 2020 : 1 year ago here is a link to a sample track with the lyrical melody represented by piano. Check it out!

  5. 3624977
    harmonie : Thu 16th Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    I like it!
    I'd suggest that when your bass/other stuff kicks in, turn down the volume of the basic loop (the one that you start with) so that the other stuff gets more highlighted? The basic repeating loop gets a bit monotonous when it's always the loudest thing...
    but it's nice!

    I think others commented basically the same thing, in different words. Since we all agree, I think worth making the tweak!

  6. 3624977
    harmonie : Thu 16th Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    I wanted to add that in Bandlab (what I use to mix) there seems be no way to change the volume throughout a loop and that drives me insane!! Even a simple thing like fading out/lowering volume of parts of the track at the end is not possible, ugh.

    Hopefully you have more control in your software.

  7. 2068239
    Jalnsvrs : Thu 16th Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    Hey! Thanks for the input. I'll work with that tomorrow. I use FL Studio. I have no idea how to do any of that stuff for the most part. I know about compression on my mixer channels and stuff though. As for volume...generally I create automation channels for each volume fader that I control to a T throughout any given section of the song and that can control any instrument or pattern I choose. It also works with more than just volume.

  8. 3624977
    harmonie : Thu 16th Jan 2020 : 1 year ago

    Wow...that sounds way more advanced!
    I'll have to look into this FL Studio!

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