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    polaroiid : Mon 2nd Dec 2019 : 1 week ago

    Like a lot of you guys I've been making beats for bit gradually, and just started a youtube, soundcloud etc etc u name it. And as you probably know it can be hard to get your content to the right people either because ur beats stinks or the competition is really high!

    I really want to connect with some of you guys, and lets try and help eachother grow - I want to start making a small network of people where we can give (honest!!!!) feedback to eachother, I feel like its important to know what your good at, and what you should improve on :-)

    So as a start you can hit me up on either of these (whatever u prefers) with your music and I will give you some constructive feedback, and maybe we can start a conversation from there!

    ig: @prodbypolaroid
    yt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSD1o0RAGd0t-sJSHpWRIDw?view_as=subscriber
    sc: https://soundcloud.com/polaroidd

    you can drop a follow/sub 2 if u want, I will do the same :-)

    and one last thing, I got a decent amount of midis that we could do some collaborations with if you guys are interested just let me know!

    a humble thank you :-)

  2. 2804723
    SheMoansJamall : Mon 2nd Dec 2019 : 1 week ago

    ur retard lets work levon125 at gmail dot com

  3. 2804723
    SheMoansJamall : Mon 2nd Dec 2019 : 1 week ago

    sorri my inglish retard!

  4. 2447033
    fernandez99 : Mon 2nd Dec 2019 : 1 week ago

    followed ur SC

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