I Am Looking For Someone Who Can Help Me With Making Better Songs

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  1. 3144223
    HexaGT : Sat 23rd Nov 2019 : 1 month ago

    Hi i am an starting producer and i dont know much bout how to make my tracks and ideas good. I already made some (shitty)muisc:

    P.S.: i have fl studio lite version-that means i cant save my flps, only export 'em as mp3.

    HexaGT, Czech Republic

  2. 2358624
    TrapKv4n : Sat 23rd Nov 2019 : 1 month ago

    This song so good bro ? :D

  3. 681254
    martinimusic : Sat 23rd Nov 2019 : 1 month ago

    that's pretty good if you can't save it!! Means you did that all in one session. Lots of producers start a track, then when they get low on ideas will stop and come back to it later. The fact you made that is good enough, just watch youtube tutorials & keep practicing!!

  4. 2734318
    DouseeBeatsAkaDomis : Sat 23rd Nov 2019 : 1 month ago

    watch mixing tutorials and try different build ups to make your songs longer

  5. 3144223
    HexaGT : Sun 24th Nov 2019 : 1 month ago

    Omg guys, ill do my best! Thanks for reply and tips.

  6. 3512596
    acethecreator21 : Sat 30th Nov 2019 : 1 month ago

    ayo do you think you could mix this sound with hip hop?

  7. 1245534
    VirginiaSlimm : Sun 15th Dec 2019 : 1 month ago


    There is a wealth of information from established and professional producers/engineers/artists on those sites.
    Youtube videos are great for tuts on software as mentioned.
    The track is pretty cool, demonstrates patience without saving a flp file!. I hope you stay at it and develop your craft. :D

  8. 2891382
    FriedPotato : Fri 20th Dec 2019 : 4 weeks ago

    Keep it up and stay grinding, trust me, you'll only get better.

    Take a lot of tutorials and have patience

    If you have questions about FL Studio you can hmu on Instagram, @friedpotato_beats

    Peace, brother.

  9. 1969524
    officialBoyNextDoor : Fri 20th Dec 2019 : 4 weeks ago

    I don't know anything about fl studio I use abelton pro in my studio setup. But I would be happy to help u in any way I can like creatively give u inspirations and *(maybe send u a secret sound pack of mine ;)

  10. 1962250
    eggs0ntoast : Fri 20th Dec 2019 : 4 weeks ago

    theres no substitute for trial error and repetition aswell ask asking the right questions to the right people your on your way mate salute

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