Songwriters With Recording Access Wanted For Female Pop Vocalist

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  1. 2284663
    Westendgroove : Mon 21st Oct 2019 : 1 month ago

    I'm the artist's manager and
    currently seeking material in the
    style of Ariana Grande, Katy Perry
    or Christina Aguilera. We're seeking
    decent quality reference demos with
    female vocals only for a 22 yr. old
    female vocalist. Also seeking writers
    who can write and record to beats
    by producers who work with my label.
    Courtesy and professionalism are
    expected and returned. Topline
    songwriters are very welcome to apply.
    Please provide links to your work
    and your contact info.

  2. 959110
    StreetsBeatz : Mon 21st Oct 2019 : 1 month ago

    i would love to discuss an arrangement to work together. hmu
    streetsbeatz at gmail
    my webpage is

  3. 2529842
    noahenel : Fri 25th Oct 2019 : 1 month ago

    I’m always interested in helping out! I’d be glad to write something. Just give me some specifics and we can definitely work! Hit me up and let’s talk.
    Email: noahnelsonofficial @ gmail

  4. 2529842
    noahenel : Fri 25th Oct 2019 : 1 month ago

    To clarify, I’m working with a high-teens/young adult girl. So we’d be able to put something together and send it to you. It wouldn’t just be me, considering I’m a teenage dude haha! I’ve got the perfect talent to help write (chords, melodies, and/or lyrics). Just let me know :)

Posts 1 - 4 of 4

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