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  1. 2768984
    SANANDREAS7 : Sun 20th Oct 2019 : 11 months ago

    Looking for Rapper/ mcs who are ready to bring back that golden age hip hop sound but differently.
    been working on beats that are like them but a bit more modern.
    would love to work with anybody whos interested in collaborating, thank you for taking the time to read this , hmu!!

  2. 3285953
    N0SUU : Wed 23rd Oct 2019 : 11 months ago

    i'd love to to rap over a beat like that. I've been writing lyrics for years now, and i like to think i'm pretty good. Haven't released anything yet, but i have a ton of songs in the vault. It started off as a hobby but i don't take pleasure in anything else. HMU @CamrinSechrist

  3. 2768984
    SANANDREAS7 : Wed 23rd Oct 2019 : 11 months ago

    im looking for you on the gram rn bro , are you the one with the beach profile pic?

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