First Video- Looking For Feedback And Reviews

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  1. 2398968
    ElGuerito : Fri 18th Oct 2019 : 1 year ago

  2. 2298815
    akabedhead : Fri 18th Oct 2019 : 1 year ago

    Alright so,
    i think you were going for an mtv title card that at the start but you should try using a different font.
    this video looks like a parody of a rap and it made me laugh a lot and to be honest i think you should lean into that, meme rap is good in its own way on some "Teejayx6 - Swipe Story" type shit (watch that video).
    The songs about you being a player i think the video should actually be you running/hiding from an angry boyfriend of the girl you cheated on

  3. 2952245
    kookpony : Fri 18th Oct 2019 : 1 year ago

    this is for niggas who tie their shoes then put them on

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