Its Time For The Monsters To Come Out

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  1. 994534
    Neomorpheus : Fri 4th Oct 2019 : 1 week ago

    Yes boys and girls, it is that time of year when Looperman becomes wicked and releases dark creations upon an unsuspecting world. Is it a curse, a horrific cycle that we have no control of, or are we just sick and demented? Who knows, but the rest of the world loves it so we cant let them down. Besides its a lot of fun! So, grab a hot cider, fire up the DAW and create something EVIL. Unless your too scared !!!!!

    Happy Halloween !!!

    Ghost in my Guitar

  2. 500098
    ShortBusMusic : Tue 8th Oct 2019 : 1 week ago

    Love this time of year, especially when I have time to put something together for this. This is best listened to in the dark with headphones and stoned, haha. Happy Halloween and as always, thanks to Neo for getting things started.

  3. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Tue 8th Oct 2019 : 1 week ago

    Excellent Neo! MY favorite time/thread 3:D- I just finished "The Boneshaker" a 4 string frettless guitar tuned EEBE with the lowest E being a bass guitar string with my own handwound bone pick up. The perfect one for this thread and to get back into recording. I'll take you up on that tonight Shortbus :p

  4. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Tue 8th Oct 2019 : 1 week ago

    Ok Neo I'll have some more, Got a few Halloween themed guitars to try out, but to be absolutely sure I participated this year I recorded myself playing around on the Boneshaker this morning and quickly threw together something for Halloween. My FB page is public so no account needed just to view my pictures for anyone wanting to see The Boneshaker :D

  5. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Tue 8th Oct 2019 : 1 week ago oops Link would help.... The End times are coming!

  6. 828980
    Burtsbluesboxes : Thu 10th Oct 2019 : 1 week ago

    Hey Neo, you dont remember why you were in the swamp? I understand, the shock of all... The zombies have been winning, beating us back, people have reverted to making homemade instruments again due to supply shortages. We hiked to that old cemetary in the swamp digging up corpses for more bones to make guitar pickups when we got into a heated argument over who was the best frontman of Black Sabbath. That's when you bashed my brains out and started to bury me but you heard some very strange sounds and took off only to have your cheap batteries die, leaving you with no light. Happy J.g Halloween 3:D-

  7. 258735
    LazarusBlack : Thu 10th Oct 2019 : 6 days ago

    Wow, its been awhile since ive been on here. Its nice to see things are still running full steam. I havent uploaded anything in awhile but I have some stuff in progress. Heres a creepy track from a few years ago.

    LAZ }:)-

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