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  1. 2512936
    WaldoKay : Sat 28th Sep 2019 : 2 months ago

    i have song i wrote, kinda of a cyprus hill/sublime type vibe. i need someone who can do some basic vocal editing, just make the vocals sound decent and then do some quality mixing AND mastering, make the track pop. not to be a dick but pleaseee don't hit me up if your in- experienced.ill most certainly pay but i wasn't trying to spend over $200,if you or know someone who can help me out here, hit me up fellas! thanks

  2. 2426407
    cartelscrum : Sat 28th Sep 2019 : 2 months ago



    for my mix and master services

  3. 2426407
    cartelscrum : Sat 28th Sep 2019 : 2 months ago

    my email is on my profile i wait your stems send it to me by mail adress

  4. 2632684
    timmsky : Sat 28th Sep 2019 : 2 months ago

    @WaldoKay - Please have a look at:


    I would be happy to help you and can easily work within your budget.

  5. 2954361
    haukurhildimar : Sat 28th Sep 2019 : 2 months ago

    all the songs ive posted on here ive mixed by myself and my price is 5$ for a single track and 20$ for a full album hmu if you wanna work

  6. 2649157
    VoodooDoggy : Wed 2nd Oct 2019 : 2 months ago

    I've been mixing for awhile now hit me up on IG if you are down to work

  7. 3436855
    vinnybee : Thu 3rd Oct 2019 : 2 months ago

    WaldoKay, I would love to help out on this request. I'll do all vocal processing, mixing, and mastering first.. then once you receive and hear the final track, you can decide what it's worth and pay me at your price.

  8. 2347282
    lizzyx7 : Thu 3rd Oct 2019 : 2 months ago

    Hey whats up Waldokey hope youre doing well,

    Maybe you already contacted someone that commented here, but I can mix and master your tracks for a low price. I'm an artist and producer myself and I`ve been producing, mixing and mastering my stuff for about 5 years now. I got all my mixing skills from my mentor, a german artist signed at Sony Music.

    I use FL Studio 12 as my DAW. Plugins I use are
    - Slate Digital Bundle
    - Native Instruments
    - Waves Complete Bundle
    - FabFilter Bundle
    - Izotope Ozone 7
    - TrackS 3 Bundle
    and many more.

    I mixed and mastered a lot of tracks from looperman users and artist from my city.

    Here is one of my recent tracks that I mixed and mastered from 2019. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-cYvAhgND8

    If you are interested contact me at xxlizzy7atgmail.com or via Instagram @lizzyx7 and we will work on from there.

    Have a great day!

  9. 1581687
    2nick8 : Thu 3rd Oct 2019 : 2 months ago

    I have a meth lab

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