MINOR2GO - The Fader Article - Interview

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  1. 817280
    ronabo : Mon 24th Aug 2020 : 6 months ago

    Awesome news Minor2Go. Love your work and glad to see it is being highlighted.


  2. 4244182
    CaraDeSol : Tue 25th Aug 2020 : 6 months ago

    Hey Minor2Go, congratulations on your well deserved success. You are a worthy and important asset to this site, and I thank you for your generous contribution. Keep up the excellent work.

    Cara De Sol

  3. 614554
    Mykael : Thu 10th Sep 2020 : 5 months ago

    Belated Congrats on your article interview!



  4. 2890233
    darthsith66 : Thu 29th Oct 2020 : 4 months ago

    Hey Minor i know this post is old but.. You are a really talented individual and your ethics are a thing to be trully proud of. You are better than all of the big guys in the industry and that's why they use your stuff and don't give you any credit. They're scared of what you can do and how you give it for free while they charge millions. You are true to your propose and your goals are noble, you bring us light with your work, we trully don't deserve you. You're a big inspiration, if i ever get to record a tune with your loops i promise you, you'll get your deserved credit. Thank you for all your hard work brother!

  5. 4564112
    gocabe : Sun 6th Dec 2020 : 2 months ago

    amazing stuff man

  6. 1168457
    rvjubeats : Wed 30th Dec 2020 : 1 month ago

    You are an inspiration mirror2go, although it is sad you don't get all the credit you deserve it seems like you don't really worry because your loops were meant to help the community, not to become hit songs. I love your article, I hope everyday from now on wards I can create a loop for this community :)

  7. 2811812
    CryLittleBoy : Thu 25th Feb 2021 : 1 day ago

    The GOAT

Posts 51 - 57 of 57

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