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  1. 159051
    Unknown User : Sun 22nd Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Hi guys,

    recently the music magazine "The Fader" published an article / interview about and with me.

    If you are interested, have a look here:


    Cheers Martin

  2. 500098
    ShortBusMusic : Sun 22nd Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Great article, Martin. You deserve more than this one interview, but it is nice that some people will discover that you truly are the genius behind a lot of hit songs. Well done! I hope all is well.


  3. 1
    Looperman : Sun 22nd Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Yes, great to see a light shone on your talents and generosity.

  4. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Sun 22nd Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    This site's greatest strength is its community. This site's greatest assets are the ones who give freely of their time and talent but expect nothing back in return. So can one person really make a difference? YES! In the case of Minor2Go we are witnessing greatness without the pomp, fanfare, and smugness.

    He is a highly skilled and hardworking guy who has climbed to the top among all artists here in my opinion. This is something for all of us to admire and give thanks to a modest musical prodigy for his amazing accomplishments here and beyond.

    So yeah, a thank you be nice from these major label artists more than once in a while. Your inbox should be flooded with thank you's there Martin. Thank you Martin Minor! Your YouTube page is a who's who of commercial hit songs and artists of today. Well Done, your commitment here is commendable and praiseworthy.



  5. 1041668
    wikkid : Sun 22nd Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Wonderful article Martin.

    I'm happy that you are getting the recognition you so richly deserve. Your loops and musicianship are an inspiration, and at least for me, I challenge myself to get better due to all the unsung talent on Looperman. Congrats.

  6. 851137
    crucethus : Mon 23rd Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    I tip my cap to you in deep respect In my early days of Looperman many years ago I was drawn to yours and Joes loops as a great starting point to making loop-based music. All the best and my utmost respect.

  7. 111346
    Planetjazzbass : Mon 23rd Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Awesome Martin....I think your story and inspiration of why you have and continue to upload hit making loops for no financial gain sealed it for me, when a person adds humanitarian to his (or her) qualities they've taken it to the next level.

  8. 1186556
    tsochai : Tue 24th Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    insane to see!! true recognition! thats amazing. such an inspiration.
    good wishes to you and your endeavors.
    ive messed with your work plenty of times
    been a staple as ive been on this site 5 years so far...
    much love

  9. 2387005
    SwagxGod : Tue 24th Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    The GOAT!

  10. 632005
    CFreemanJr : Tue 24th Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Congrats on the interview Martin!

  11. 1121110
    traz75 : Tue 24th Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Grats Martin!

    And thanks for the excellent loops too...
    I'll never be famous, but used a lot of loops from you in the past and the future too - because they are catchy and easy to use.

    Regards, traz

  12. 671112
    Danke : Tue 24th Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Martin my friend!

    all my life I have stood by the oppressed ... :-) it would be a huge reward for you to be a bigger success because I don't know all the loop makers in the whole
    world but I'm sure you are the best :-)

    handshake, Danke

  13. 1392771
    RuslanG : Wed 25th Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    Nice to read this article! You deserve it Martin! Best wishes!

  14. 2390709
    TyGets : Thu 26th Sep 2019 : 3 years ago

    awesome, congrats man!

  15. 2660455
    millybeatz : Tue 1st Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    Martin is a Legend in the USA
    Sucks we Probably Wont ever get to meet him .
    Great Article Man
    there isnt enough money in the world to Compliment the Talent This Man HAS
    PERIOD !
    I respect you !

  16. 159051
    Unknown User : Thu 3rd Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    Thanks my guys :)
    I am really happy about it.

  17. 3023396
    xen0s : Thu 3rd Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    I cannot even begin to put my respect for your work into words. Congratulations, really.

  18. 515538
    Amplifyah55 : Sat 5th Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    Congrats on the interview! Long overdue!

  19. 558044
    SERGEJ77 : Sat 5th Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    beautiful text Martin...I wish you more like this one... as well prosperity and happiness to you and those you love

  20. 2850707
    cobius : Sun 6th Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    Congrats, nice Article ! Im from Germany too, you spreading some motivation !

  21. 383121
    DrowsyCarnivore : Sat 26th Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    Soo cool!

  22. 2952245
    kookpony : Sat 26th Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    Miner2go , Sine x Wave , and JasperBeats the only reason worth getting on here

  23. 1850085
    TheWalkingFlu : Sat 26th Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    Wow, what an amazing article. I've used a couple of your loops, too. You really have a talent. I appreciate that you do it for the music, and not the money. It just really sucks that you don't get the recognition you deserve. But it's inspiring that you do it, in spite of all that!

  24. 2298815
    akabedhead : Mon 28th Oct 2019 : 3 years ago

    big ups!

  25. 1724442
    bogopogo : Tue 5th Nov 2019 : 3 years ago

    You are a legend dude, keep it up!

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