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  1. 3436855
    vinnybee : Thu 19th Sep 2019 : 10 months ago

    What exactly does it mean to be a verified user on here? What is the difference between having the check mark next to your name, and not having the check mark? If anyone could give me some information on this subject, please comment!

  2. 630386
    JoeFunktastic : Thu 19th Sep 2019 : 10 months ago

    To become verified, no one here is going to ask you for your real name, an ID, your address, or phone number. I think the term should have been called validated instead of verified because the term Verified almost implies something thorough, more or less.

    The whole verification process has one major purpose and that is to stop fly by night spammers and career spammers. They will not be able to post links or write forum threads with an unverified account. As a brand new user you are blocked from doing a lot of things here initially. Essentially one needs to join this site as a member all the way to become eligible to be verified.

    To get started here as a new member, one must fill out their profile. Next, you must have an Avatar. Not populating your account and not having an avatar can delay things for new members. In another thread the Looperman says you must be a good user which implies that there is a small wait period before one becomes verified.

    Once the Administrator grants you forum access you will become instantly verified (or what I call VALIDATED.) And you can now place links on your profile page as well. Sometimes banned members try to create new accounts to bypass their suspension so those new accounts must also be checked. When you are verified as I mentioned you get the checkmark in your profile.

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